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DCI investment scheme is open to all members of the public, to receives ROI of between 3.5% - 8% Interest Monthly

Saving To Invest (STI)

Save to invest, will help you save bits of cash till it's big enough to invest. Save ₦1 to ₦100,000


DCI Loan is open to all bankable adults with secured and verified collateral. Whether business, personal or salary advance loan.


About Us

We Are A Credible Investment Agency. DCI Investment Nigeria Ltd is a world-class investment firm established with the vision of creating platforms for sustainable financial freedom for the generality of society.

  • Our Mission: To provide a reliable, secured and flexible platform for financial freedom from all financial needs whether savings, investment or loan, integrity and professionalism
  • Our Vision: To be a world class and reputable financial solution company in Nigeria and beyond.

The firm is duly incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a certified money lender complying with other statutory regulatory compliance; we are into trading in all ramifications, Agriculture, Real Estate, Investment, Transportation and Oil and Gas services.

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Manage your assets using modern, secure & intutive dashboard

We importance of being able to keep track of your investment, as a company that embraces technology we have setup a comprehensive dashboard for you to track and manage your assests with us, from any where.

  • 01 Easy to navigate

    Any tool is only as good as how usable it is, we know this and built a dashboard that focuses on the essentials and makes it easy for you to move around and take proper decisions.

  • Your dashboard is built around the best security infrastucture, this done without compromising how easy fast it is no navigate between pages no matter how slow your network is.

  • You can achieve alot without making physical visits to any of our offices, because we care about the convience means to our customers and ease of doing business with us.


One of our key areas of investment is in agriculture and we have well processed food items, proudly Nigerian, inline with all regulatory standards and at the best possible prices coming to you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investable ammount with us is 100,000 naira. If you do not have upto that amount we have an option for you save in bits till it is enough to make an investment.

Can I take my fund at anytime?

Yes you can, however we encourage you to read our termination terms before you signup.

What do you invest the money in, and can I choose what I want my money to go into?

When investing with us, you are trusting us to grow your funds so based on our experience and expertise, we choose the most viable sector to invest your funds so we can guarantee your returns, meaning the decision on where to invest is with us. But we invest in trading of all ramifications, Agriculture, Real Estate, Investment, Transportation and Oil and Gas services.

What kind of registration do you have ?

Our registration process is seamless, you can do so right now on our website or visit our office. One account with us grants you access to investment options, loans and options to save to invest.

Why are you safer than other investment companies?

We are your safest option to do business with because, we have a number of registered backings, we are a team of experts and we do not make promises outside industry standards.